Green Gardener
A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly from his Kola Collection

Green Gardener

  • Category: Atlantic Salmon

  • Tube: Eppendorf plastic lab tippet, 1 inch

  • Tag: French gold oval tinsel

  • Butt: Dark red Uni floss

  • Tail: Yellow SLF Hank

  • Body: Rear half: fluor green Lagartun French mini-flat braid; Front half: green holo dubbing

  • Rib: French gold oval tinsel

  • Body Hackle: On front half: cock dyed in insect green

  • Wing: Yellow Mirage flashabou; small bunch of Serebrjanka fur dyed in fluor green; dyed over pearl in chartreuse ripple flash; bunch of polar fox tail fur dyed in black; over the wing a few barbs from peacock feather

  • Flanks: Fine long Grizzly cock feather

  • Front Hackle: Cock dyed in black

  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock

  • Head: Black

NOTES: This is my tube version for one of the local patterns. The green theme is very popular on both the North and South of the Kola Peninsula. The use of teal flank or (and) grizzly cock feathers in the wing composition is quite "old" local tradition, as well as eye down double hooks, especially for rivers of Northern coast.