Violetly Happy
Fly from Pacific Salmon Series
ёрий Ўумаков

Violetly Happy

  • Tube: Eppendorf plastic lab tippet

  • Tag: Holo Silver flat tinsel

  • Butt: Chinese red Uni-stretch

  • Tail: Bunch of barbs from cock feather in purple colour

  • Body: Roman Mozers ghost-fiber dubbing in deep purple colour

  • Rib: Flat silver holo tinsel

  • Wing: Lilac Mirage flashabou; small bunch of silver fox tail fur; magenta, purple and silver holo Angel hair; bunch Icelandic horse hair died in lilac over the wing a few strands of black holo flashabou

  • Front Hackle: Cock and guinea dyed in purple

  • Head: Black

NOTES: The fly was transformed from one of the Steelhead patterns, which has been kindly provided by tier Tanya Rooney from Portland, Oregon. The fly took so many Silver salmon, that I lost interest fishing with it while on a fishing trip to the Kolpakova River (Kamchatka) last year. It worked best on sinking lines. Flies tied on a 1 inch plastic tube require more attention to hook size, because the hook keeps the fly in the right position for the take. Too heavy a hook may affect the silhouette of the fly while you fish with it in slow water.