Purple Stranger
Fly from Pacific Salmon Series

ёрий Ўумаков

Purple Stranger

  • Tube: Eppendorf plastic lab tippet

  • Tail: Fluorescent green floss

  • Body: Rear half: dyed over pearl "metallic purple" gift tape; Front half: mix 1:1 of UV Black ice dub and purple Ultra Holographic dubbing

  • Rib: Front half: Lagartun oval french "pearl peacock" poly-tinsel, small

  • Body Hackle: Front half: black cock

  • Wing: Lilac Mirage flashabou, small bunch of polar bear fur died in purple, magenta, purple and silver holo Angel hair; bunch of naturally white polar fox tail fur; over the wing fine purple ripple flash

  • Front Hackle: Cock dyed in black

  • Head: Black

NOTES: The fly was transformed from one of the Steelhead patterns, which has been kindly provided by tier Tanya Rooney from Portland, Oregon. The fly had the same results with Silver Salmon that I had with the Violetly Happy (which see). It worked best on sinking lines. Use of strong material "dyed over pearl metallic purple gift tape" prolongs the life of the fly after it meets the sharp teeth of Silvers. It is quite interesting, but Silver Salmon males from Kolpakova river prefer this fly to many other patterns. This fly in combination with fish egg imitation at front of fly showed very good results for Dolly Varden and Rainbows as well. It worked best on sink lines.