Purple Overtaker
Fly from Pacific Salmon Series

ёрий Ўумаков

Purple Overtaker

  • Tube: Eppendorf plastic lab tippet

  • Tail: Fluorescent green floss

  • Body: Mix 1:1 of UV Black ice dub and purple Ultra Holographic dubbing

  • Rib: Small oval silver tinsel and fine flat holo red tinsel in parallel

  • Body Hackle: Black cock

  • Wing: Lilac Mirage flashabou, small bunch of polar bear fur died in purple; 4 strands magenta holo flashabou; small bunch of polar fox died deep purple; over the wing fine purple ripple flash

  • Front Hackle: Guinea dyed in violet

  • Head: Black

NOTES: The fly was transformed from one of the Steelhead patterns, which has been kindly provided by tier Tanya Rooney from Portland, Oregon. This fly was tied as a so called a "halfincher" pattern. It requires a little hook. The long wing and short body saved many salmon lives, because even with a deep take, the hook still very seldom comes into contact with the gills. The same result for Silver salmon as with Violetly Happy and Purple Stranger.