Нахлыстовые забросы

Сертификационный экзамен Мастера

                                     В этом разделе мы исследуем работу Мастера по забросам.
This section examines both the Performance and Teaching requirements of the Master's examination. The passing of an oral examination and other areas of knowledge that you will be tested on can be found by clicking on this FFF link. You may also join a general discussion of the Master exam over at the CASTING POOL.

Click on each link to see a video demonstration
(download time: 1-2 minutes over 56K modem)

Cast 1 Loop Control

Cast 2 Tailing Loops

Cast 3 Side Arm Casts

Cast 4a, 4b Slack Line Casts

Cast 5 Aerial Mends

Cast 6a, 6b Curve Casts

Cast 7 Roll Cast

Cast 8 Offside Roll

Cast 9 Shooting Roll

Cast 10 Roll Pick-Up

Cast 11 Single Spey

Cast 12 Double Spey

Cast 13 Accuracy Casting

Cast14 Offside Accuracy

Cast 15 Roll Cast Accuracy

Cast 16 Double Haul (50 - 55ft.)

Cast 17 Distance ((85ft.)

Cast 18a, 18b Saltwater

Cast 19 Weighted Casts

Cast 20a, 20b Direction Change

Cast 21a, 21b, 21c Wind Casts

Cast 22 Parallel Loop



  An accomplished potential Master candidate will have no problem executing any of the performance and instructional requirements of the Master exam. Keep in mind you are taking The Master exam. In doing so your casting and instructing ability must be flawless and clearly demonstrate proficiently your abilities in each of these two areas. Making it look easy is your objective, after all, this is the Master Exam, and as such you will be demonstrating the craft of your trade as a potential FFF Master Fly Casting Instructor. Most if not all of the casting and teaching requirements will be accompanied by a video clip demonstrating the execution of a given cast. In the event that you have problems accessing the video clips a text will be provided to accompany each clip.